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15.May.21 - Prague · Karel Ferus & Gabriel Dusil (technique w. mitts, thumbnail)
Welcome to our diverse training regime at Ferus Fitness Fight Club in Prague, Czech Republic. The first video shows our strength and conditioning routine. Training sessions range between one to two hours long. We use basic tools such as kettlebells, Exercise balls, rubber resistance bands, Punching bag, and fitness balls (5kg, sand filled). Circuit training consists of one or two minute intervals with twenty to sixty second breaks to prepare for the next exercise.

 13 minutes 19 seconds

This next video is a private  session focusing on various kickboxing combinations. Attention is given to balance, technique, and speed, in order to reach maximize achievable power. Each student works towards reaching that maximum power within their own physiology – body weight, height, and gender.

 12 minutes 40 seconds

The third session focuses on training younger children on various kickboxing and self defense techniques. In this session we concentrate on fighting stance, balance, as well as punching and kicking techniques. Training can begin as young as six years old.

 16 minutes 49 seconds

• Martial Arts

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