Photography • FAQ

Here is a selection of common questions I get from models. If you have any questions of your own, then feel free to send me a message.

📷  Why [A Photoshoot]?

    • Feel beautiful and let that beauty shine through the camera. Maybe you would like a new series of photos for your social media, or want to update your portfolio.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a desire to capture how we look and feel at a given moment in time. Time is relentless but photos are forever.

🌐  Where [Do We Shoot]?

    • Our photoshoots are outside throughout the gardens of Prague, Czechia. This ensures that the model feels comfortable and safe in a public location and in a natural setting.

🕕  When [Is the Photoshoot]?

    • Ideally, we would determine when the sunset is on that day, and begin the photoshoot around three hours earlier. The photoshoot will finish once the sun sets. For example, if the sunset is at 21:00, then we would meet around 17:30. This gives us a half-hour to prepare and answer any questions.
    • Of course, this also depends on the weather. I would check the forecast in the morning to make sure that the lighting will be good for our early evening photoshoot.

🚩 Where [are Photos Posted]?

    • A selection of twenty photos will be posted as a promotion on my blog, naming the model, location, and other particulars of the shoot (rest assured that only model-approved images are posted). Hyperlinks to your social media can also be accommodated. All images are sent to the model in full resolution (after a bit of artistic license, touchups, color, and composition corrections).

👗  What [Should I Wear]?

    • I recommend bringing three extra sets of summer clothes and various styles of shoes so that we can capture a variety of shots. Skits, dresses, and blouses suitable for a summer day are ideal. Ripped or embroidered jeans, shorts, and modern fashion also work. I request that you do your makeup, hair, and nails for any closeups. The preferred theme is “natural” and  “glamorous”. Most important is that you feel engaged and relaxed. These are just suggestions. If you have any suggestions or creative ideas then I’m more than happy to find a style that works for you.

💃  What [Is the Secret to a Great Photoshoot]?

    • A great portrait reveals the soul. The more you can give yourself to the camera the better will be your images. It’s important to let go, feel free, and bring out your inner confidence.
    • Other than that, preparation is important on both sides. I typically scope out the location a few days before we meet to plan the shooting style, pose ideas, and get a handle on the lighting. Great lighting is key!

🎬 What [About the Photos]?

    • I typically take between 1000 and 1600 photos during the shoot. In post-production, these images are edited down to around 10% of the best photos. Some of the final images are stylized with artistic license. you will receive all final images in JPG and their native resolution.
    • Prints are available for order and priced separately here:

📝 How [Should I Prepare]?

  • Don’t forget to bring some water for hydration, and maybe a couple of protein bars for energy.

💰  How [Much]?

    • The price for a 2-3 hour session is €800.

🤭  But [I’m Shy]!

    • No worries! The starting point is to arrive at the photoshoot. We’ll have tea, coffee, or a cold drink. We’ll discuss the process and I’ll answer any questions. Don’t worry about posing or positioning. I’ll give you some posing “tricks” to keep in mind. Then coach you throughout the session. You only do what makes you feel comfortable. This way you’ll get the most out of your images. The first few minutes will feel awkward, but when you see the initial images on the camera preview then you’ll quickly realize that your photos will be fantastic.

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