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• Founder • CEO • Strategist • Entrepreneur • Speaker
• Photographer • Designer • Creativist • Writer • Blogger
• Teacher • Trainer • Geek • INTJ

Gabriel is a seasoned sales and marketing expert with over 25 years in senior positions at Motorola, VeriSign (acquired by Symantec in 2010 for 1.25 billion US$), SecureWorks (acquired by Dell in 2011 for 612 million US$), and Cognitive Security (acquired by Cisco in 2013 for 25 million US$). He is a blockchain entrepreneur, with strengths in international business strategy.

Gabriel has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University in Canada and expert knowledge in crypto incubation, cloud computing, IT security, and digital video technology. Gabriel also runs his own company, Euro Tech Startups s.r.o.

Hobbies include photography, video production, motion graphics, digital graphics, photo restoration, carpentry, martial arts, traveling, blogging, and trying to be better than yesterday.


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3 thoughts on “About • Me”

  1. Hello, My name is Jose Dalma, from Mexico City. My grandmother’s family name was Kende, from Homonne, Slovakia. I wonder if we are related since I saw some photos of the Kende family in your webpage.


  2. I have come across a c1900 photo of the main square in Presov, Slovakia which shows a sign labelled “ALTENBERGER”, but I suspect a letter before the “A” has been cut. I’d be happy to email it to you, if you are interested.


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