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19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · merchant boy (Jagatsundar Marg)

Welcome to the first installment of my travel series. I have finally prepared a selection of photos from my April 2019 trip to Nepal.  A total of 2200 photos were taken with only 400 surviving after six days of editing. Here are the best of the best. Enjoy!

19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · merchant (Siddhidas Marg)

Nepal was a 25-year dream vacation. It began in 1995 when I was returning to Prague from a business trip, and two girls sitting beside me were raving about their magical trip to Kathmandu. They told me about their Basecamp trek (I’ll post those photos shortly), the breathtaking nature and the magical culture of the region.  I was hooked, but it took me this long to finally cross Nepal off my bucket list.

19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · market (Siddhidas Marg)

I stayed at the Hotel Jampa in the heart of Kathmandu a market district called Thamel. Many hiking and outdoor shops were a walk away, and you can even enjoy Western-style coffee shops. The center is quite dusty though, so a facemask is often recommended to protect your respiratory system.

19.Apr.25 – Bhaktapur · students (Durbar Square)

Don’t repeat my mistake and buy all our trekking gear in Europe. With some negotiating skills, you can get everything you need in Thamel at one third what you’d pay in the West.  Arrive with only the bare essentials, but don’t be too anxious.

19.Apr.25 – Bhaktapur · Hindu worshipper (Durbar Square)

You need to leave a few stores with salespeople chasing after you decreasing their price, to get an idea of how low they’re willing to go. Lowering your enthusiasm tends to get you to their lowest selling price. In stores, I found a three times increase in some times, and street vendors will start at ten times higher or more. Patience and good negotiation skills will go a long way.

19.Apr.25 – Bhaktapur · worship (Durbar Square)
19.Apr.25 – Bhaktapur · pigeon (Durbar Square)
19.Apr.25 – Bhaktapur · homeless (Durbar Square)
19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · monkeys (Swayambhunath Stupa)
19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · bride & groom (Durbar Square)
19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · merchants (market)
19.Apr.11 – Kathmandu · homeless (Swayambhunath Stupa)

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All photographs were shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV, using either a Canon 35mm EF F/1.4L USM Lens or a Canon 85mm EF F/1.4L USM Lens.

All photos above can be ordered as prints. Pricing and details can be found here.