Travel ☼ Italy ☼ North East

This summer I accompanied my boys, Matias and Lucas, as well as Mati’s girlfriend, Barbora, and her sister Veronika on a ten-city roadshow across North-East Italy. Check out highlights of our journey through Venice, Padua, Ferrara, Bologna, Ravenna, Florence, Perugia, Assisi, and Spello. Enjoy!

20.Aug.1 – Venice · Gondolier (Ponte della Paglia)
20.Aug.2 – Venice · wolf
20.Aug.10 – Perugia · Spanish dreadlocks girl (Parco di Sant’Anna)
20.Aug.2 – Venice · canal
20.Aug.12 – Spello · street
20.Aug.12 – Perugia · street (Via Appia)
20.Aug.8 – Florence · Hiko Nagahama (Estatua de S. Antonino)
20.Aug.8 – Florence · artist
20.Aug.2 – Venice · Mathilda & friend (cafe)
20.Aug.2 – Venice · dock (fish market)
20.Aug.1 – Venice · Gondoliers (playing cards)
20.Aug.8 – Florence · Veronika, Barbora Žiláková, Gabriel, Lucas & Matias Dusil (Prenze, portrait)

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