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Photoshoot ֍ 11 ֍ Prague ֍ Martina Černá

It was a pleasure to do a photo shoot with Martina Černá this past weekend. We decided to shoot at Vyšehrad in Prague, Czechia, and were lucky to get a beautiful sunset that evening, between several rainy days. I hope you enjoy these images, as much as I had taking them.


All photographs were shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV, with a Canon 85mm EF F/1.4L USM Lens.

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Apply For Your Free Photoshoot (female)

Do you want to update your portfolio, capture a moment in time, or experience a model photoshoot? If you’re interested and your application is accepted, then you will receive a two-hour photoshoot and high-quality photos. No modeling experience is necessary.

If you’re interested then send us an email to: gabriel (at) dusil (dot) com with your contact details and a selection of photos.  Alternatively, if you have a CV portfolio then send that along. Your photos don’t have to be professionally made but please don’t send images older than three months or strongly edited. Our preferred age is between 18 to 32 years old. There are no height requirements. Your personal data will be treated with confidentiality in accordance with European GDPR privacy regulations.  If your application is not accepted then your contact details and photos will be immediately deleted.

Your images can be used for private or non-commercial use. In return, we ask for unrestricted copyright of the photos taken. Upon your request, your photos can be published with or without your name. Your photos may be displayed on our blog, social media, or showcased in exhibitions or art galleries.

This photoshoot is valued at over €800 and consists of:

  • Approximately two hours for the photoshoot (makeup, hair, and nails should be prepared in advance)
  • The model should bring three clothing changes in addition to what they have on (to get a spectrum of image variety).
  • Posing advice and guidance is provided upon request
  • The 10 best digital photos in full resolution will be delivered (with image retouching, color correction, and composition fixes)

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