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• Our nickname for my dad came about when I was a toddler.  I wasn’t able to pronounce “Tati” – Slovak for “Dad”. The best I could do was “Taci”, pronounced “Tat-see” so it stuck for everyone among the extended family. I had many miss-pronunciations throughout my childhood. They were never corrected and became part of my household vocabulary. It eventually became a problem when we visited other friends of my parents. I was around eight years old when we visited a Czech family and I asked the lady if I could “pikat”.  She looked at me with confusion, and I repeated the request. I started to get nervous as she still didn’t understand me. So I said in English if I could please have a drink. To my horror she laughed uncontrollably, and said something along the lines of, “chceš niečo pit? (Do you want something to drink?)” Suddenly, with this one mistake it occurred to me that my Slovak was terrible, and I would barely speak a word of Slovak until my mid-20’s when I moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

• My dad died 35 years ago today. I miss him tremendously.

I love you, Taci

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• Technical Notes

• I don’t like scratch removal solutions provided by scanners. Even though they offer a quick-fix in removing unwanted damage, I find that it degrades the overall image significantly in the process.  My methodology is to always preserve as much detail and texture in the photo as possible, and manually manipulate the images in Adobe Photoshop instead. Even though I sharpen the images, the process will never restore lost data (contrary to what we see on CSI TV shows). Sharpening results in an increase of grain, but I prefer grain over a blurry image.

• My approach is to scan all images without any fancy correction tools, and make the corrections on a pixel by pixel basis in Photoshop.  In some cases I will add content around the edges in order to correct composition issues. I will also paint detail that may be completely damaged. I call this “digital restoration with creative license”.  The entire process requires a lot of patience, but at the same time, while I am restoring the images, I feel that I am apart of that moment in time, and that makes the work more adoring.

• Taci

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• 1960 • Barca, Slovakia • Vaclav Dusil

60 - Barca · Vaclav Dusil (Graduation photo from Poľnohospodárska Technická Škola)
60 – Barca · Vaclav Dusil (Graduation photo from Poľnohospodárska Technická Škola)
60 - Barca · Vaclav Dusil
60 – Barca · Vaclav Dusil


• Prior to matriculation (graduation) from the agricultural middle School in Barca (now a part of Košice), students had a mini-scientific conference.  My dad won the first prize, and in this photo he is presenting his findings.  In the background is one of his teachers.  My mother graduated from the same school.

• Postscript from my Mom • 2014 September • We commuted by streetcar, which took about half an hour. Taci would be around 18 years old in this photo.  This high school was focused on veterinary studies. The table is covered with velvet, so it must have been a special event.


Article – Prečo Práve Poľnohospodárstvo


67.Apr.9 - Košice · Document, Vaclav Dusil (Veterinary Medicine, class photo)
60.Jun – Košice · Document, Vaclav Dusil (High School class photo)


• 1965 • Łysa Polana, Poland • Vaclav Dusil

65 - Łysa Polana · Vaclav Dusil (Polish Customs)
65 – Łysa Polana · Vaclav Dusil (Polish Customs)


• 1966 • Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam • Vaclav Dusil

 5 minutes 26 seconds

66 - Paris · Vaclav Dusil
66 – Paris · Vaclav Dusil
66 - Amsterdam · Vaclav Dusil (harbor)
66 – Amsterdam · Vaclav Dusil (harbor)
66 - Brussels · Vaclav Dusil (Atomium)
66 – Brussels · Vaclav Dusil (Atomium)
66 - Paris · Vaclav Dusil (statue)
66 – Paris · Vaclav Dusil (statue)
66 - Brussels · Vaclav Dusil (car)
66 – Brussels · Vaclav Dusil (car)


• My dad went on a trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris in the summer of 1966. These are a selection of photos from that trip. I still have the leather jacket that he has on in these pictures.


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66 - Paris · Vaclav Dusil (thumbnail)


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