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Travel ☼ France ☼ Provence

19.Aug.11 – Fontaine de Vaucluse · artist (market)
19.Aug.14 – Callas · residence (street)
19.Aug.10 – Avignon · girl (street)

At the beginning of August, my boys and I traveled to Provence, France. I wanted them to experience this historical part of Europe. I had visited Valbonne in 2008 on a team-building business trip, and ever since then, I wanted to return to this region and spend some quality time to absorb the French culture and history. Our plan was at least one destination every day. Here was our itinerary:

19.Aug.6 – Nice · customers (street market)

19.Aug.12 – Gordes · nougat (street)

We launched our adventure from Nice, rented a car at the airport, and made our way to an Airbnb in the city center. The plan was to stay at a different apartment every three days so that we could cover as much as Provence as our time allowed. After Nice we drove to Marseille, then Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, and finally Bargemon. Each location offered a unique perspective on Provence and the French Riviera.

19.Aug.4 – Nice · restaurant (street)
19.Aug.12 – Gordes · girl (street)
19.Aug.6 – Valbonne · coon (street)
19.Aug.7 – Marseille · L’Ombrière de Norman Foster (dock)
19.Aug.11 – L’Isle sur la Sorgue · grandmother (street)

On our way to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, we stopped at Avignon where we met artist, Mustafa Mramezani. Since my youth I wanted an artist to capture my caricature. What was intriguing to all three of us was to see which features he would choose to exaggerate. I was gifted by the opportunity to do this with my boys ❤ Here is Mustafa’s creation:

19.Aug.10 – Avignon · Matias, Gabriel & Lucas Dusil (caricature sketch by Mostafa Mramezani)
19.Aug.12 – Gordes · Bollard chess pawn (street)
19.Aug.12 – Gordes · panorama

In hindsight, I enjoyed central Provence more than the coast. Both have their strengths, but the breathtaking ambiance of Biot, Gordes, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie were much more impressive and I recommend all of them as must-see destinations.

19.Aug.5 – Monaco · panorama

In particular, Monaco and Cannes weren’t as spectacular as anticipated. The showcase of expensive yachts, cars, and premium brands has never impressed me, but ‘to-each-their-own’. For travelers and photographers interested in an immersive cultural experience, I would recommend flying to Marseille as a base, since this is more central to the most captivating villages of Southern France.

19.Aug.15 – Comps on Artuby · Jean Paul (Av de Chamay)

19.Aug.6 – Biot · door knocker (market)
19.Aug.13 – Bargemon · residence (street)

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