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• My dad was the men’s judo team leader and the head coach of Lokomotíva Košice throughout the 1960’s.  He won a bronze medal in the 1960 junior nationals.  As a senior, my dad always advanced to the final rounds in his weight category and typically ended just behind the medalists in 5th or 6th place. Even more difficult, my dad competed in the heavier weight class, to avoid fighting his older brother. In the early 1960’s, weight classes were up to 68kg (my dad’s fighting weight, in his prime), then up to 80kg and finally, 80+ kg. A judoka weighing 60 kg could compete in the 80+ kg category if desired. Everything being equal, typically the lighter fighter was at a disadvantage.

• Judo weight classes have been revised several times over the years. The weight classes were broader than those in boxing (in increments of 3 to 4 kg). So cutting weight by dieting or visiting a steam bath was far less common in judo than in boxing . Competitive tactics consisted mainly of focusing on the opponent’s weaknesses. Coach  would shout tips during tournaments, such as which grip to use or throw to try. As residents of Košice, a city with a significant Hungarian minority, many knew a bit of that language, so tips during competition were frequently coded in Hungarian. On one occasion a referee tried to prevent one of the Košice coach’s to speak Hungarian during a match. An opposing coach complained that he did not understand. My uncle told him sharply, “learn other languages!” and he clammed up.

• My father and his teammates trained twice per week, in the original gym. As time passed they had more gym time and had proper judo tatami (the special mats needed to absorb the impact of a judo throw). By this time they trained three or more times per week. Women trained separately from the men. In the 1960’s the  judo oddiel of Lokomotíva Košice peaked close to 100 members.

• I miss my dad tremendously.  He would have celebrated his 73rd birthday today.

 Happy Birthday  Taci ♥

I love you,

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Digital Photo Restoration

 5 minutes 36 seconds

58 - Košice · Vaclav Dusil (Poľnohospodárska Technická Škola)
58 – Košice · Vaclav Dusil (Poľnohospodárska Technická Škola)
59 - Košice · Vaclav Dusil
59 – Košice · Vaclav Dusil
61.Apr – Stankove · Vaclav Dusil


 6 minutes 58 seconds

61 - Slovenský raj · Vaclav Dusil, Zuzana & Robert Dusil
61 – Slovenský raj · Vaclav Dusil, Zuzana & Robert Dusil
61 - Slovenský raj · Vaclav Dusil
61 – Slovenský raj · Vaclav Dusil


62 - Jazero Vinne · Vaclav Dusil
62 – Jazero Vinne · Vaclav Dusil


62 – Brno · Vaclav Dusil & Igor Fridrich

• Postscript by Gabriel Dusil • 2014 October • My dad and Igor Fridrich were best friends.  Their friendship has also carried down to the next generation.

66.Feb - Košice · Eva Kendeova, Vaclav & Karol Dusil (neighbour kids)
66.Feb – Košice · Eva Kendeova, Vaclav & Karol Dusil (neighbour kids)

• Postscript by Eva Dusil • 2014 November • This photo were taken in the yard where Taci lived. It’s the winter of 1966, soon after we started dating (happy memories).  The two boys are from the neighborhood and were also judoka that your father taught.

• Documents & Awards

67.Sep.7 - Košice · Document, Vaclav Dusil (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Czech)
67.Sep.7 – Košice · Document, Vaclav Dusil (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Czech)
14.Nov - Prague · Vaclav Dusil (sports medals)
14.Nov – Prague · Vaclav Dusil (sports medals)


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