Family • My Beautiful Boys

Family • My Beautiful BoysFamily • My Beautiful Boys08.Sep - Woking, Lucas, Gabriel & Matias Dusil (kiss, restored)

• Maybe it’s because I’m an engineer at heart. Throughout my whole life I found beauty in numbers. When studying physics in university I got to a point in advanced mathematics where the line between science and art began to blur. I wanted to create this post to demonstrate how it is possible to find incredible symmetry in numbers, that are directly connected to those who we love the most.

• Children are the light of our lives. They give meaning to our existence. There is nothing more important to me than Matias & Lucas. My boys are special, but I didn’t realize how extra special they were until I wrote their birth dates for the first time.  Here is a short video to Illustrate those two awesome days in my life.

• Be sure to watch in full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the video.

Matias & Lucas, Daddy loves you 🙂

Home - Signature, Gabriel Dusil ('12, shadow, teal, Gab)

02.Apr.16 - Prague · Matias & Lucas Dusil's birth date (Beautiful Numbers, premiere pro)

One thought on “Family • My Beautiful Boys”

  1. Beautiful…. Came across this somehow through some FB thing.. Good to see you doing so well!


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