Martial Arts • Fighting Science • 12 • Yin ☯ Yang of Compliance vs. Resistance

Throughout this “Martial Arts • Fighting Science” series, we delve into various dualities of combat sports. They are presented opposing views, in the Yin Yang spirit of the ancient Chinese philosophy. It is important to note that throughout this series, there are no binary rules. A technique that applies today may be proven inefficient or ineffective tomorrow. This is the beauty of combat sports and ultimately the evolution of humanity. We may be limited by the constructs of our physiology and the laws of physics – but as humans evolve so does combat sports.

Humans are the only species on earth who
incrementally evolve each generation.

The introduction of MMA demonstrates this evolution. MMA focuses on the most effective combination of movements for a given scenario. This methodology can be extrapolated to many facets of society. Opposing forces may include countries, companies, clubs, or individuals. Tactics and strategies always come down to humans, regardless of its scale. Sun Tzu’s, “Art of War” is often cited in business as a means to understand an opponent.

The perspectives laid out in this series are meant to expand the horizons of a fighter – to look at their discipline from a different perspective. Although intermediate and advanced fighters may gain insight in these posts, a counter-argument may be, “I know a better way of doing that”, or “my style disagrees with your approach”. For this reason, it’s important to understand that the perspectives chosen in this series are to expand the horizons of a fighter. We want to give students a foundation of knowledge, and solidify that knowledge through dedication and discipline. Only once this foundation is established then latitude can be given to breaking rules:

You need to live the rule before you can break it.

For example, one mistake beginners tend to make is to mimic the movements of professionals. They learn to maintain their guard by covering their face with their fists when fighting. But they watch a professional bout and see that a fighter  “show-boating” with their hands down. A beginner may interpret that approach as the proper fighting tactic. But that pro-fighter will have spent years honing their basics. Their hands may be down for tactical reasons to draw-in their opponent for a counter-attack. In other words, they are breaking the high-guard rule on purpose. Before a rule can be broken a fighter needs to live the rule until it becomes apart of them.

About the Author

Gabriel Dusil has been a practitioner of Martial Arts for over twenty years. Originally he trained in the traditional style of Shotokan Karate. Gabriel has also trained under Sensei Martin “Sonic” Langley in the United Kingdom and currently trains with Karel Ferus in Prague at the Ferus Fitness Fight Club, More recently he focuses on circuit training, strength & conditioning, and kickboxing.

Martial Arts • Fighting Science Series

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